Friday, May 22, 2009

Trust (almost) no one!!

Just read a tweet about someone looking for a media buyer for a new tv product. As fast as I could I replied to please check back with me before calling a media buyer. Just like most people in this biz (direct response tv) the media buyer has a job to do. Their job is to sell tv time (media time) and they need to do their job to keep theirs, so they will sell you time without the slightest desire to help you figure out if your product will work or not.

If your product fails initially, they will gladly recommend someone they know (the kiss of death, read Ch. 9 of my book) to fix your commercial and then they'll sell you more tv time, as much as they can.

Are we different than all the rest? Absolutely! At TDTV, we need your product to work, otherwise we don't make money. When you make $$$ we do to....! There's a novel idea.

Check out my book, go to my website. Learn for yourself before you jump into this.

Mark O

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