Friday, April 17, 2009

Blog #2

So, we were talking about finding things that really get you going. Here's an example that should just plant the idea how important it is to keep an open mind to all sorts of things and it happened to my stepson, Stephan.

Several years ago, I managed to drag my wife to a garage sale that I had seen advertised. Now I'm a major garage sale junkie...eclectic collector and lover of all sorts of things... can hardly drive by a garage sale. My wife on the other hand did not care for antiques, or old things in general, but I got my wife to thing I know, she's completely into old glass; depression, carnival, Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG), Fenton, Atlas...on and on.

So what happens next? Well my wife has a nose for opportunity and next thing I know, she's selling her glass on ebay and making surprising money at it. She, in turn, talks about it with her son, we took him out with us once or twice and he falls in love with it and he starts.

Now he's having a ball; selling on ebay, then he rented first one and now two spaces in a consignment shop, where he's making pretty good money!! All this while being a middle school teacher, soccer coach and father to 2 girls, with one on the way. He completely loves his estate/garage sale business and is "growing it" all the time.

It can be as simple as that. My stepson would love to get into this full-time and I think he probably will.

There's so much opportunity out there...!
As I said last blog, my love has been the infomercial business for 20 years, but writing my book really brought home just how vast the opportunities are for anyone in the direct response business.

Direct response really means selling directly to others, but here's the best part, you don't have to go invent a product. It's so simple and what I'm going to be covering is all the steps you can choose to get where you want to go, with as much, or as little success as you'd like.

Direct response TV is the fastest path I know's a jet sled, compared to a bicycle, aiming straight for retail, which is the big kahuna...and I don't think there's a faster, easier, more exciting way to bring anything to the American public.

If you want to jump ahead, I'd recommend you read my book, it's bare-bones, not long and boring, and it covers all the bases...and it's as cheap a book as you'll get to love an a few bucks and download it anyway, or any format you want. Post a review, or make comments on this's all about you anyway..

Till next time....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Off The Bench, Into The Game!

If you've been sitting on the bench, watching others being successful and having fun, then it's time for you to get going.

This is about having fun, then it's about making money, because if you're not enjoying yourself, nothing is going to work, so we've got to find you something that really gets you going...

For me, for the last 20+ years, it's been writing, producing and directing TV commercials, like infomercials, that sell products directly. That's a branch of advertising known as direct response advertising and I love it because it's the fastest way I know of to bring products to the public.

In fact, I've just published my first book on it; "The Infomercial Goldmine, How to Make and Keep, Million in Direct Response TV." It's a pretty good book and I'm quite proud of it...since it's a very straight-forward, step-by-step guide. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

We're going to start small and build up, so just keep this thought in mind for my next blog:
gargage sales!!
Stay tuned,
Mark O