Friday, June 12, 2009

June in San Diego

Well, I'm attending the San Diego County Fair in Del of the great shows/fairs/events anywhere. And the climate??? San Diego, in my opinion has the best climate anywhere in the US.

This is a great place for new products: to look for them, to test new ones and meet lots of folks. Last summer we premiered Smooooth Legs here, which now appears on TV as Smooth Away in a very successful 2 minute spot, written/produced and directed by yours truly. My client learned some rather expensive lessons with the project and I refer to them very discreetly in my book, but that's all water over the damn dam.

Different subject; if you, or your company does a lot of printing, don't do any printing without at least dropping me a line. I can turn you on to a company that can save you a ton of money!!! A ton!!! Yes, I am involved with this group, but that doesn't matter, the quality, pricing and service will make a believer out of anyone. I'll post more on this later, but for now, drop me a line. This is also an amazing biz op for those interested...but no need to go into that now.

And finally, I've dropped all advertising. Not my thing for many reasons...but advertising on this blog is not my purpose. This is a tool for people interested in getting the most out of DRTV.
Over and out,
Mark O

Monday, June 1, 2009

My disclaimer

Happy June 1, 2009 to all!
Just want to state that while I do allow advertising on my blog (guys gotta make a buck) be mindful of my advice in my book and in this blog...if you intend to use any of the advertisers, please, please, please, check them out carefully before jumping into any agreement with anyone. And just because they advertise, in my blog doesn't in any way suggest I am referring anyone.

The waters of DRTV are filled with, at worst, very unscrupulous and at best, very sharp-minded business-people who will prey on your hopes and dreams while picking your pockets at the same time. The chapter on the litmus test for "real" producers pretty well covers it all.

I'm off working on two projects at once, we'll see who gets to the barn first. Beautiful day here in Rhode Island, along the waters of Pt. Judith.
Mark O