Monday, November 2, 2009

Whatever you do...

I've been in contact with several different companies about DRTV. Some have found me via twitter, LinkedIn, facebook, my website, or as always, many referrals from business associates. The one thing I always emphasize with them all, is that if you're interested in DRTV, please read the book, "The Infomercial Goldmine..." by yours truly.

Use my services, or not, but once you've breezed through "Goldmine", you will have such a clear understanding of this business and all it's pitfalls, that you can get through it all and keep millions, instead of losing millions because of unnecessary, easily avoided mistakes.

Read the first 40% for's an ebook. Then if you want, buy it, download and it's yours forever. Don't do it for me...the couple of bucks I make is not why I wrote's for you, so please take advantage, read, learn and profit.
Mark O

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